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  • Rocky Creek Berkshires
  • Rocky Creek Berkshires
  • Rocky Creek Berkshires
  • Rocky Creek Berkshires

We supply paddock reared heritage Berkshire pork from the Darling Downs, to those who believe that food grown with love has the best taste.

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email darren@rockycreekberkshires.com.au

why Berkshire pork

Berkshire pork is a delicacy, appreciated for its richness of flavour and its uniquely marbled appearance, giving it a juicy tenderness and texture like no other.

Rocky Creek Berkshires are born and bred on our family farm at ‘Rocky Creek’, located on the rich and fertile lands of the southern Darling Downs.

Our stock are free to range and handled with care to produce the moisture-rich, delicious meat our Berkshires have become known for.

We use traditional farming methods in combination with modern production practices to achieve exceptional standards of quality pork production which are recognised across the industry.

At Rocky Creek Berkshires, we believe in reliability, honesty and in the spirit of co-operation. We strive to create valuable partnerships with the people who appreciate our product, and who know and love what we do.

When you see our family owned farm in the Rocky Creek area of the beautiful Darling Downs, you’ll see why our pigs are content.

Each animal is hand-reared and given every opportunity to grow at their own pace into healthy and happy stock.

Their meat is special. It has a marbled quality to it, similar to that of a high end export meat product. This makes it typically moisture-laden and tender, producing mouth-watering, yet delicate flavours.

Rocky Creek Berkshires ensure the best quality outcome from the paddock right through to the plate.

  • Humane treatment
  • No growth hormones
  • Antibiotic free